Ear Infections and Chiropractic

Ear infections in children, specifically middle ear infections (otitis media) occur in children regularly. By the age of 3 about 80% of children will have had an ear infection. When a virus or bacteria is behind the ear drum it can cause an infection. Many occur in winter, teething children, and when children go back to school. In allopathic medicine (traditional western medicine) it is treated with antibiotics and if the ear infections reoccur enough times tubes will be put in to allow the ears to drain.

Chiropractic works very well to prevent and treat children with ear infections. Many people prefer not to give their children antibiotics or have tubes put into their children’s ears and turn to chiropractic for a more natural alternative. Chiropractic does not treat the ear infection directly but instead the chiropractor finds areas of misalignment in the spine (subluxations) that are putting pressure on nerves preventing the body from functioning as well as it should. In many cases the immune system is not working at 100% or the nerves that go to the inner ear have interference and is preventing the body from healing itself. When the pressure on the nerve is removed the body is better able to run and function giving the side effect of health.

There are many misconceptions surrounding chiropractic for children. The following are a few ways chiropractic is different from popular belief: 1) Newborns, toddlers, and children are adjusted differently than adults because their bodies are still developing. 2) People continue to have themselves and their families adjusted not because they are addicted to chiropractic, but because they want to continue having better health for their family. 3) It is normal for multiple adjustments to be needed before a symptom goes away. That is because healing naturally takes time.

Chiropractic has helped people get well and most importantly has continued to keep families well. If you have never tried chiropractic for you or your family it may be time.

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